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Custom Order Process

1) I'll review the request and draft up an idea for the piece.

2) When ready I will reach out and we will work together to finalize a piece.

3) Once agreed work will begin and a deposit will be invoiced. The completion time will also be communicated. 

4) When the piece is complete the remainder of the invoice will be due upon receipt of the item.

Are you looking for something unique? One-of-a-kind? Would you like a design you have seen at a market or on RMR’s Instagram? Or a specific size or colour?


You are in the right place. Fill out the below and we can start creating something awesome.

HONEST UPDATE: Despite appearances, I am a one-woman shop, and currently this one woman is working on a slightly different project (a little baby). While shop time has drastically lessened, I'm still working through a number of custom pieces.  Please continue to reach out for orders, as there is a list I'm working through until the due date and keeping a list for when I return. 

Thanks so much for reaching out to RMR! I'll be in touch ASAP!