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Every purchase made at RMR helps with giving back to Survive & Thrive. Read about my journey with cancer and this wonderful organization below.


A few years ago, I had cancer. It was a time in my life that gave me many things and one of those was an opportunity. As a young adult (anyone between 18-39 according to the textbooks) there isn’t the support that you’d expect. Yes, there were places to go, people to talk with that were sick but those people had homes, families, stable jobs, savings etc. Meeting people my age struggling with dating (while bald), balancing rent and treatment costs and just taking care of yourself the best you could on your own was something that was very hard. Enter my game changer. SURVIVE & THRIVE.


SURVIVE & THRIVE is a young adult cancer program that uses adventure expeditions, digital storytelling, experiential workshops and retreats to encourage and inspire those touched by cancer to live well.


S&T came at a time where I was so frustrated with my treatment, loss of autonomy, loss strength, loss of being outdoors and in nature and they threw me head first back in. I was sponsored to go on their Owyhee Kayaking trip. This trip was myself, other survivors and supporters, the amazing guides and Mike and Bonnie on a river for 10 days.


The trip was ruggid, we relied every stroke on the river on our own bodies and power of will to get to the camping spot each night. We slept under the stars, every night, no tent necessary and worked through our own journey every day through journal activities and talking with people that ‘got it’. At one point on the trip we each were able to spend a complete day absolutely alone. It was in that time that I thought hard about what I wanted to do with my newfound health and the life that I had ahead of me instead of the life that was destroyed by cancer. It was in this time that I knew I wanted to do anything I could to give back to the only place I felt supported during my lowest point.


Every purchase made at RMR will help me give back to this wonderful organization. 


If you or someone close to you has had cancer come in and screw with you please check them out. From trips, retreats, workshops and even hanging at camp for the weekend there are endless opportunities that heal even the most skeptical and I should know.

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